Red Georgian Door of Dublin, neutral style.
Blue Georgian Door of Dublin neutral style.
Green Georgian Door of Dublin neutral style.
Yellow Georgian Door of Dublin neutral style.

Tea Towel Georgian Doors of Dublin New Style

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Dimensions: Appx. ~ 48cm x 70cm

1 Tea Towel, organic cotton.
This tea-towel comes packed in a beautiful, reusable organza bag.
Handmade in Ireland from high quality fabrics. Digitally printed with eco friendly pigment inks which are friendly to the skin and the environment.

Doors always stir our imagination and curiosity with a big desire to peek behind to see what is hidden inside. It’s in our nature. It evokes our imagination. It creates a feeling of intrigue when one can only guess what is going on behind these locked doors. 
There is a city that is famous for its doors. A city where a door represents a lot more than what is behind it. The door itself - old, big, strong, seemingly unbreakable, colourful, friendly and inviting. This is newer more vivid and detailed design with a bit of more grey and colder colour background.

Ships worldwide from Ireland.