I am a passionate designer and maker, but also a daughter, mother, wife, and a person who loves life and people being around. Being born a middle child, I have learned to set myself to the right place. As a mother and a spouse, I have also learned to do my best to try make everyone happy, but not to be upset if I do not make it, as it is not always possible.


Born and raised in small Bosnian town I have always wanted to do something with textiles, learning the basics from my dear grandmother. My learning path was set, and I have finished secondary school for textile design.
War torn life brought me to Germany, where I had to learn to stand on my own, but also to recognize myself, to find who I was and what I wanted to be. I wanted to continue in making my dreams come true, to become a designer. After 4 years of study and hard work I have finally made it, but it was not still enough for real happiness. I was longing for a home, and a family of my own.
Dreams do not happen exactly the way we want it, but therefore we do our best to adjust to the reality of life and to do our best to stick to our dreams as close as possible.


The winds of destiny brought me to Ireland after my studies, where I settled down. Finally, I was not alone anymore. I have found my soul mate, my husband. He is not just my partner, but also the person who is in love with my work, a big art lover and a great photographer. Because all of this, our way, was only one possible to create and share the beauty of life and all its moments through my designs that we together bring to the life through our work at Circle Vivendi. For this dream of ours, he even left his well traced and successfully long career in the hi-tech industry.


Even more than our small business that we have founded, I am proud of our greatest creation. Our family and our home. Surrounded by the love and warmth of my family this is where I feel happy and safe. Maybe, because of all of that, most of my creations, originate from the desire to make my home nicer, warmer, and more comfortable.


I am so happy to be in the position to share my life moments, through my designs, as each design is a small story on its own. It is not always easy following my path, and there are lots of challenges, but this is what motivates me and moves me on. What makes me strong and loving this work every day more and more, is my family. It accompanies me on this journey and follows my passion with all their hearts.