Inspired by eastern art of engraving motifs in the copper. Ink looks like engraving on the beautiful golden-copper background that looks like ancient coin on the white cotton.
Cushion Cover Coin on the garden bench. Great summertime relaxation on his 100% cotton pillowcase.
Bed-time with copper and gold collection of summer cushion covers. On this picture are sun, coin and flower designs.
Another bedroom presentation of our summer collection with coin and hexagon designs.

Cushion Cover Autumn Coin in Gold Copper

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Inspired by the ancient Eastern copper handcraft, this coin carries whispers of generations past. Imagine those skilled hands their touch reverberating through time etching delicate patterns onto soft copper sheets. Each stroke, deliberate and precise, leaves a mark, a testament to creativity unbridled.
In the quiet of a workshop, the artist’s pencil dances. It moves as if guided by unseen forces, tracing intricate ornaments. The lines deepen, creating a third dimension an engraved depth that defies flatness. Here, imagination reigns supreme, unshackled by convention.
The coin becomes a vessel for stories. It holds the weight of memories, the echo of countless lives. Perhaps it witnessed a bustling marketplace, where traders exchanged goods and laughter. Or maybe it lay hidden in a treasure chest, waiting for curious eyes to discover its secrets.
And as you hold this copper gold coin, you become part of its narrative. Your fingertips trace the same lines the same whispers as those who came before. You feel the pulse of creativity, the magic of imagination. It’s a bridge across time, connecting you to artisans long gone.
So let it rest in your palm, this relic of craftsmanship. Admire its curves, its patina. And know that within its modest circumference lies a universe a testament to the human spirit, forever etched in copper gold. 

  • Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm
  • Features: Double-sided digital print, made from 100% medium-weight cotton, with an invisible zip. The cushion top has no seam for added comfort.
  • Inclusion: The cushion insert is not included.
  • Packaging: It comes packed in a beautiful, reusable organza bag.
  • Origin: Handmade in Ireland using high-quality fabrics.
  • Printing: Digitally printed with eco-friendly pigment inks that are gentle on the skin and the environment.
  • Shipping: Available worldwide from Ireland.

Enjoy adding this elegant touch to your living space!