Circle Vivendi, where threads weave tales and colours dance, invites you into its embrace a sanctuary beyond borders, where artistry
meets everyday living. Let’s step inside this circle, where the mundane transforms into magic.

Day and night, like celestial partners, waltz in perpetual circles. Our lives echo these patterns the seasons turning, our daily rhythms.
A fusion of English and Latin whispers our name: “Circle Vivendi” the
circle of living.

Imagine it: no borders, no limits. Just your desire to explore, to discover something wonderfully new. And so, since 2012, Circle Vivendi
has woven dreams into fabric. Designed with love, crafted by hand, each piece carries a story a memory etched in linen, cotton,
and silk.

Our homeware, like whispered secrets, captures real-life moments. Those sun-kissed mornings by the Irish seaside, where waves cradle memories.
The vibrant hues of Georgian Dublin doors, standing tall against grey skies. And the lampposts, their glow painting halos on cobblestone streets.

Napkins, placemats, and table runners each adorned with Ireland’s essence. Tea towels that whisper of Howth’s cliffs and Wicklow’s emerald hills. Cushion covers, like soft embraces, bring seasonal motifs into your living space.

And you, dear owner, are part of this tapestry. As you sip tea from a delicate cup, as you lay your head on embroidered pillows, you touch the heart of Circle Vivendi. For we design not just for aesthetics, but for love to be cherished, enjoyed, and used for a lifetime.

So let’s linger here, in this circle of beauty. Let’s celebrate the moments we often rush past—the quiet corners of Ireland, the sun filtering through leaves, the laughter shared around a table. And may these homeware treasures remind you: Life, too, is a circle a dance of threads and colours, woven with care.

Creating something wonderful

Made by hand, step by step to keep the quality highest possible.


All our products are entirely made by hand in Ireland. Each piece is uniquely designed and brought to life using high-quality fabrics.

Handmade in Ireland from cotton, linen or velvet.


We use 100% cotton, linen or velvet printed with eco-friendly inks taking care of the environmental sustainability.

We check for a quality at each step of making our products.


There is a personal touch that ensures the highest possible quality throughout every aspect of production.

Tea Towels

Kitchen textiles are not just decor, but mandatory part of every home, especially when they come in beautiful designs, great colours and gentle fabrics.

For Your Home

There is always something happening in the kitchen so it feels great to be surrounded by beautiful Tea Towels always at the hand.

Or as a Beautiful gift

Always needed in any home and light weight tea towels make perfect gift that will always find the usage in the kitchen or around.


Our placemats are not just simple dining decoration, but also an aesthetic statement at the table. It is up to you to decide which design makes the greatest decorative impact.


Same as with the placemats, having complementary napkins at the same setting just helps to complete the visual experience and to create memorable moments at the table.

Cushion Covers

Just a few touches of colour, a new pattern or design and your space will get a wonderful new feeling. Simple change of cushion covers can have a big impact on the room without need for full space shuffle.

We Create The Way We Live

Eco-friendly print

Floral patterns of blooming beauties bring the playful accent of nature into homes. That fills us with a sense of happiness and joy. Our products are printed with water based eco-friendly pigments with lasting quality.


Circle Vivendi napkins, placemats and runners will adorn any table giving it a unique accent, and our cushions fill a living space with luxury. Tea towels and floral sachets enhance the giftware collection.

High Quality Fabrics

It is an amazing feeling to see things come together from concept to the final product. A good design comes truly alive when combined with luxury fabrics with textures that thrill the fingers enhanced with a superb quality print. Each individual piece from our collections is made from 100% natural and environment friendly cottons.

“Our products are lovingly handmade to bring beauty and warmth to homes.

We have designed them for you, to love them and to enjoy them for a long time.”

All our products are printed with water based eco-friendly inks with lasting quality. Textiles with natural colour palettes, patterns and seasonal design elements, can completely change the aesthetics of a room. It is priceless to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Floral patterns of blooming beauties bring the playful accent of nature into homes, that fills us with a sense of happiness and joy.


Edina Dzin