Rainy days

"For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain."

Coffee time on rainy Irish afternoon.

This design brings the sound and atmosphere of past times when noble household goods were handcrafted and manufactured in copper and brass. The lush and warm golden-brown invites us to relax in the rainy, grey Irish afternoon, bringing us in positive mood even when outside is cold and grey.

Detail of velvet cushion in golden brown that shows hand drawn pattern in black ink and softness and warmth of velvet.

I wanted to create a mix of traditional motifs with contemporary design while still using refreshing autumn colours. In addition what makes this product stand out is the superb print quality that brings every line drawn alive.

Autumn, Irish rainy day. Copper, gold and brown great warm colours to relax and enjoy rainy Irish afternoon.

This collection is inspired by the ancient eastern copper handcraft, that has been passed on, from generation to generation.

Even designers deserve to relax with cup of coffee. In the background blur is Circle Vivendi round cushion with coin pattern, made from velvet. Cushion has invisible zip on the bottom to keep maximum comfort.

Picture shows full cushion. A mesmerising pattern of this beautiful round velvet cushion was inspired by ancient oriental copper tinklers in old bazars.

Round velvet cushion in golden brown, handmade in Ireland with inked pattern in the shape of a coin.